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About the Artist


Susan has been making jewelry, costumes and props since she was a child; professionally since the mid 1970's. Her work has been featured in theater, commercials, movies and various costumed events. Pieces are owned by collectors around the world.

An active participant for over 36 years in the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, she began to show her work there in the 1980's. It was her favorite venue for almost over two decades and for years her designs were focused on the protocol set by the Faire and similar themed events. She has left the "faire circuit" to concentrate on more promising environments and to pursue designs that have been "kept on the shelf" for too long.

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Susan still lives there with her husband and two dogs, but will be moving east in a couple of years. Recently, she has discovered the world of computer art and web design and is fascinated by it. "I could never give up making things with my hands though, it fulfills a side of me that data and statistics do not". She holds degrees in Architectural Design and Psychology, two minors in Computer Science and plans to pursue a Master's in Psychology. She has been active in animal rescue and rehab, substance abuse therapy and equlity, civil and disability rights.