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Hat & Lapel Pins

Hat pins aren't just for hats anymore! Originally designed to hold a lady's hat securely on her head, hat pins can be both useful and decorative. They can be worn purely for decoration by men and women on any style hat. Try them on a cloche or a cowboy hat!

My pins are equally at home on the lapel of your jacket, coat collar or shoulder of a dress. Nothing pins a silk scarf in place like one of these beauties!

Pins may contain feathers, lampwork glass, vintage beads, handmade sculpture and vintage beads as well as a large variety of glass beads and other findings. Images coming soon!

Lampwork Glass: Lampwork is a process takes much talent to create even the simplest beads. Glass rods are heated and the artist literally paints each color as she sculpts the bead with molten glass while turning the mandrel to control the flow and shape.

Vintage Stampings, Beads and Findings: I have a small supply of original brass stampings from the Miriam Haskell estate collection. These pieces were 24-karate gold plated in Russia before WWII. I also have a variety of beads and glass from the Haskell collection dating to pre-war Japan, Austria and Czechoslavakia.